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Coffee wakes up the senses making you more aware. It warms your soul and creates a fabric of collaboration and close connections. A great cuppa joe can make a bad day disappear or give a slow day a much-needed pick-me-up. This is why I chose coffee as the essence of my business. It's the heart of my inspiration that creates beautiful art... in words, thoughts, and ideas. It's the heart of all services and products I create here at I appreciate a delightful story, a meaningful piece of artwork, a caring heart, and... an amazing cup of coffee.


I focus on collaborative projects that make a significant impact and specialize in legacy creation for families of older adults. I enjoy applying an array of experiences and skill sets to an interesting project, especially one that involves creativity, conscientious thinking, collaboration and diversity. Please take a moment to look over my portfolio and opening blog, both of which convey who I am and what I can do. If you like what you see, tell me how I can help.


Let's sit down in a cafe or let me pour you a cup of coffee at my office. We can talk about how to make your project come to life with insane levels of impact, creativity, and service... (with or without the sugar). I look forward to collaborating with you and thanks for visiting!

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